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Terms of Use & Rough Guide to Postage

Prices do not include postage.

The minimum order amount is Euro 20

After you placed your order you will receive an automated confirmation email. I will then get back to you with an invoice and payment details. Sometimes this might take some days. Please only place an order if you are prepared to pay in a timely manner. If you have any questions please ask beforehand. thanks!

Rough Guide to international postage (airmail):
up to 500g = Euro 4 / up to 1000g = Euro 8 / up to 2000g = Euro 18
please ask for rates on bigger orders

500g is roughly 3-4 CD/Tape or 1 LP but of course this depends
on the items ordered and the quantity of packing material.

All orders outside the European Economic Community
have to be sent by registered mail for an extra Euro 2,50

Porto in Deutschland: Hermes Paket = Euro 5
oder Briefporto Deutsche Post

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Banktransfer, Euro Cash, Paypal (+4%)