Kouhei Matsunaga - Drawings Book+7" (signed) 25272
[Fang Bomb]

Kouhei Matsunaga - Drawings Book+7\" (signed) 25272
Embossed hardcover book (31x22cm), cloth-bound, including 7" single. Signed by the artist.

"Kouhei Matsunaga's 'Drawings' is a book and a 7" vinyl record. The book is the first ever major showcase of his drawing skills. Here, smiling horses meet floating people in a strictly minimalist, slightly psychedelic black and white ink world. The hardcover book is cloth bound, 88 pages, 40 drawings, a few words and lots of space. The four track 7" vinyl single accompanying the book, credited to his alias Koyxen Mattsunagnen, takes Matsunaga's music a step further towards a more dance oriented approach, as with his minimal techno project NHK and the recent NHK'Koyxen material released by the PAN label, whilst still clearly and firmly rooted in contemporary, experimental music. The 7" vinyl record was mastered and cut in Berlin by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering."