Marc Matter & Andreas Bülhoff - A Sound Writing Tool LP 28811
[Research and Waves]

Marc Matter & Andreas Bülhoff - A Sound Writing Tool LP 28811
"ɅV (phonetic transcription for of or off) is a twelve-inch vinyl record consisting of spoken words, which can be used as a DJ-tool to compose an artificial dialogue. ɅV is at the same time a post-digital take on sound poetry as it is created due to the current landscape of online debates and their ideologies. It makes use of 32 monosyllabic words on each side which were collected from the website of the New York Times (newspaper, formal language, mainstream, liberal) and a subforum of the 4chan messageboard entitled Politically Incorrect (online messageboard, informal language, subculture, reactionary) in winter 2018/19.

Recited by two synthetic voices, these platforms mirror two opposing extremes of current online debate in the materiality of a vinyl record. The selection of words made by the two artists is avoiding hate speech.

ɅV is a starting point for Research and Waves' Online Platform Attune, that explores and cultivates (sonic) processes and gestures such as remixing, sampling, cutting, mashing, quoting, covering, morphing, or fading for a cross-cultural conversation about various forms of oppression atattune."