Michael Pleißner - The Gagosian Papers CDR 28758
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Michael Pleißner - The Gagosian Papers CDR 28758
Edition of 30 copies.
"Working on paper collages since the late 1970s, Fine Artist Michael Pleißner, uses a lot of different art-, architecture- and other cultural magazines, like "Kunstforum" or "Vogue".

For this Spoken Word Recording, Pleißner is using thirty text-fragments from the art-magazine "Gagosian", randomly picking them at first sight; in one take, within twenty minutes. The Audiocollage needs to be listened to by random play on a CD-Player. So each listening creates a new collage.

Born in 1951, Michael Pleißner lives in Leipzig, Germany. This CD is his third audio release.

8-pages booklet with an individually numbered CD."


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