Eric Boros - Snow Moon CDR 28759
[Recordings for the Summer]

Eric Boros - Snow Moon CDR 28759
Edition of 30 copies, with 8-page booklet

"This is the second part of this collaborative work between Eric Boros & Michael Barthel. For the first part, "Hell's Hollow", Barthel composed imaginary textile landscapes to Boros' field recordings of locations of which neither the exact coordinates nor the nature of were divulged.

For "Snow Moon", the recordings are influenced by three of Barthel's photo objects, and have shifted their range of focus from the source to the action. These landscapes represent a built environment, and one in ruin; frustrated, lonely, and jagged. And yet in this space one can find liberation; a landscape of exploration, of acceptance, and of departure.

The three landscapes/photo objects are printed on the accompanying 8-page booklet."