John Giorno - Inhale Book/DVD 28645
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John Giorno - Inhale Book/DVD 28645

A film by Jürgen Schneider
Performance: John Giorno

16 page A5 booklet with Poems by John Giorno

Edition of 100 copies.

"I met John Giorno, poet, innovator of the school of Found Poetry, founder of the not-for-profit production company Giorno Poetry Systems, at Hall's Sprachsalz International Literary Festival in September 2015. John is a performing and visual artist, the star of Andy Warhol's early film Sleep and according to William S. Burroughs "an accomplished practitioner of wisdom-mind".

We talked about our daily routine and while doing so mention was made of the inhaling of the smoke of certain natural substances. Inhale became the magic word and when I asked John if he would perform in a short film to be shot at the graduation works he agreed without hesitation. The filming was done in no time at all. I could have found no better performer. Thanx 4 that, John.“ - Jürgen Schneider


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