Dorothy Iannone - This Sweetness Outside of Time Book 28618
[Berlinische Galerie]

Dorothy Iannone - This Sweetness Outside of Time Book 28618
Published on the occasion of Dorothy’s first (!) institutional solo-exhibition at Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, February - June 2014.

184 pages, fullcolour, 260 illustrations, texts in english

"The art of Dorothy Iannone (born 1933) combines images and words to celebrate unfettered eroticism with jubilant delight and wit. Working autobiographically in media such as artist's books, collage, drawing, writing, sculpture and video, she has long been recognized as a pioneering advocate of liberated female sexuality, and a revolutionary in the fields of artist's books and video art in particular. Her immediately recognizable graphic style--always brightly chromatic and peppered with linguistic embellishment--evokes both comic books and illuminated manuscripts, and only grows more contemporary with the passing of time. Dorothy Iannone: This Sweetness Outside of Time offers an overview of the artist's distinguished half-century career, following the evolution of her work--almost fully formed from the start--as she traversed the globe, from New York to Rekjavik, Düsseldorf to France and Berlin, in the company of artists such as Daniel Spoerri, Robert Filliou and her longtime partner Dieter Roth, battling censorship and elucidating her vision of a joyous sexuality into a spiritual quest for "ecstatic unity." An interview with the artist conducted by Maurizio Cattelan plus various statements by companions and friends as well as a richly illustrated biography round out this catalogue--the most comprehensive overview of her work to date.

"The American Dorothy Iannone (b. 1933) occupies a distinct place as an artist in the second half of the twentieth century. Her œuvre, which now spans more than fifty years, includes painting and visual narrative, autobiographical texts and films. Since the 1960s she has been seen as a pioneering spirit against censorship and for free love and autonomous female sexuality. She continues to go her own way without compromise, artistically and conceptually.

Dorothy Iannone's great theme is ecstatic love. The paintings, visual narratives, texts and books by this pioneer of women's sexual and intellectual emancipation draw uncompromisingly on her own life. Iannone's art frequently fell foul of the censors because of allegedly pornographic content. And yet her depictions of the sexual union between man and woman have an unmistakably mystical dimension rooted in the spiritual and physical union of opposites. This anchors her visual universe within cultural history and lends a modern, personal interpretation to Eastern religions, including Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Tantrism and Christian ecstatic traditions like those of the seventeenth-century Baroque.

The aim of this retrospective is to illustrate the intermediality and radical subjectivity of this unique artistic opus, where image, text, film and sound constantly enter new relationships. A central concern of the exhibition will be to explore this innovative energy in the art of Dorothy Iannone."