Smell & Quim - Cosmic Bondage 2LP 28608

Smell & Quim - Cosmic Bondage 2LP 28608
"Hospital Productions present a reissue of Smell & Quim's Cosmic Bandage, originally released in 1995 on their notorious Stinky Horse Fuck imprint. Cosmic Bondage stands as a monument to the universal perversion inside us all. Birthed into the world with an auto-asphyxiated doll complete with toy packaging and overgrown pubic hair in an edition of 100, despite its limitation the material within has become a staple of the groups live performances to this day. The dark humor enforced by truly masterful concrete noise and arrangements that sit alongside the best of the English electronic and avant-garde visionaries serves as a cautionary tale to the misinterpreted dualist literalism of where we are today. Enormous textures are turned inside out, to the howl and psychosis of British voices that can only be from the north of England and a cacophony of intricate and present adult loops that never let you relax into them and are always cut to engage one out of their lethargy. After Cosmic Bondage, we are all from the North of England. Audio restoration by Kris Lapke. Packaged in wide spine sleeve with deluxe starry slipcase.“


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