SPK/PF - Long Letter 11xMC 28452

SPK/PF - Long Letter 11xMC 28452
11 Audio-Cassettes outlining the doings and developments of the SPK (not the band, but the original Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Socialist Patients Collective).

"For the first time the founder of the Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv (Socialist Patients‘ Collective), SPK, Huber, answers questions which an American author had passed on, questions raised by Stefan Aust ("... My ... complex") after having read the files of the cops. More names of culprits available.

In the LONG LETTER there are outlined the doings and the developments of the SPK, which up from the first steps were expressions, consciously based on illness; expressions of illness to become incarnated, expressions: as there are bodies in instant motion, materials in instant motion, minds in instant motion, and also light (photo), lives and noises (radio and so on). There are also related to each other the different significances concerning Patientenfront, SPK and IZRU.

In the forefront of the SPK there are shown the repeated breakdowns of the compulsory therapists in front of the patients' protest and the failure of the medical(il)legality (Iatrolegalitaet) in front of the collective patients' protest.

For the first time in SPK and continuing up to nowadays there exist liberated regions. Off limits for the doctors and for value. SPK/Patientenfront has reached its aim: living in illness, in arztfreier Wirklichkeit (reality, truth and effectiveness free of doctors). The history of illness just has begun. Also this letter belongs to that. Now it is also available in a spoken version on audio cassettes."