Controlled Death – Symphony for the Black Murder CD 28471

Controlled Death – Symphony for the Black Murder CD 28471
"Controlled Death is the new project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna and Symphony for the Black Murder was first official work released in April 2018 in a vinyl edition in 199 copies and immediately sold out at source.

The activities of Controlled Death are like archaic revival to the music experience before Masonna. We can also find the pathology image of the early industrial period and the shadows of Vienna activism such as Hermann Nitsch. The existence and art that pierces through conspicuous consciousness and dives to areas of unconsciousness due to death and pleasure. The tracks on the album are based on obsessive and compulsive synth drones with voice, effects and tapes. The smell of death is soaked in every sound produced by the brilliant mind of Maso Yamazaki. Anxiety, alienation and hypochondria turn into a deep paranoia in pain. Without hesitation, the bodies are emptied, leaving the field to an electronics purulence of rare power disconcerting: a perfect Symphony for the Black Murder.

This new reissue in CD digipack in 199 copies, include 30 minutes bonus track recorded live during “Black Murder Gig” at Namba Bears Osaka, 1 Sep. 2018."


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