Robert Ashley - Private Parts LP 28350

Robert Ashley - Private Parts LP 28350
New Vinyl reissue of this classic Ashley work from 1977, now contains an insert with the libretto!

"When Private Parts first hit the scene, everyone I knew had The Park memorized within a month and quoted from it constantly. Ashley's series of non-sequitur images, fusing into a picture so lifelike that it never quite added up, brought a mystery into music theater that smashed our previous conceptions of the genre." — Kyle Gann

with settings for piano and orchestra by “Blue” Gene Tyranny

Robert Ashley: Voice
“Blue” Gene Tyranny: Piano, PolyMoog, Clavinet
Kris: Tablas (Krishna Bhatt)
Recorded at The Recording Studio, Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College (Oakland, California), July, 1977.


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