Gerhard Rühm - 4 Sprechtanzen 7“ 28270
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Gerhard Rühm - 4 Sprechtanzen 7“ 28270
Edition of 130 copies.

"This seven inch contains 4 Sprechtanzen; Foxtrott, Langsamer Walzer, Wiener Walzer & Tango. It was recorded when being performed by Gerhard Rühm and his partner Monika Lichtenfeld Rühm in DE PLAYER at 23 January 2016 for our BRAUBLFF #5 program. (…)

These pieces are beautiful, joyful, simple and effective. In the 1950's Gerhard Rühm his keen observation and, above all, his revolutionary way of rendering experiences provoked society, which initially ostracized him but eventually learned to appreciate the pioneering direction of his work and awarded him recognition that makes him one of the most important contemporary men of letters. "