Godfried-Willem Raes - More Automats CD 23135

Godfried-Willem Raes - More Automats CD 23135
Building musical robots has been an ongoing activity in the Logos Labs since the very beginning in the late sixties. It is a logical outflow of our investigations into the development of new tools for musical expression. A mere consequence of the laboratory research into experimental instrument building. The automatons documented individually on this CD, the second one documenting individual automatons,are all pure acoustical: drums, organpipes, metal tubing, strings, bells, wood… However, these sound sources are exclusively activated by electromechanical means. Controll happens through our own GMT software. performers: , , , , , , , . Programmed by Godfried-Willem Raes, Kristof Lauwers, Moniek Darge, Kris De Baerdemacker and Sebastian Bradt.