Eric Schmid - Greatest Hits MC 28083
[Banh Mi]

Eric Schmid - Greatest Hits MC 28083
“This is a record of Eric Schmid singing some of his favorite songs without accompaniment. He made them singing along while listening to the tracks, you can tell – I remember he used to find acapella tracks to mix into others while he was Youtube DJing. He likes lists and categories. He thinks about this release in relation to similar gestures that Martin Kippenberger made, he says, and wants to emphasize some kind of diversity of genre and complication of identity. I think the blitheness of his singing, which doesn’t care about ‘the lines’, as people say, has some parallels in the choices of songs he made. Performing these songs unaccompanied brings to mind images of bare honesty and isolation. Eric has invested this swath of songs with something at least partially his own. I know a lot of these songs have meant something to him personally.” (Jonathan Gean)