Jean-Claude Eloy - A l'approche du feu méditant 2CD 27864
[Hors Territoires]

Jean-Claude Eloy - A l\'approche du feu méditant 2CD 27864
“Approaching the meditative flame…” (1983).

Theater Music for a sound and visual ceremonial. A tribute to the goddess of the light, the sun, and the stars.

For 27 instrumentalists from the Gagaku Orchestra (divided in three separate ensembles), two choruses of Buddhist monk singers (Shômyo singing traditionnal school - Tendai and Shingon sects - divided in four separated ensembles, with four monk singer soloist voices), six percussionists, five Bugaku dancers.

Extracts of this piece were published by Harmonia Mundi on a double vinyl in 1985.


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