Aaron Dilloway - Switches LP 27862

Aaron Dilloway - Switches LP 27862
The master of twisted noise is adding a new album to his incredible discography. Following his monumental album ‘The Gag File’ on Dais, ‘Switches’ is the next chapter in the evolution of Dilloway's sound. Created on piano and tape ‘Switches’ is a spiralling journey into the rugged mind and soul of one of the most influential figures in radical modern music.

Tape and piano by Aaron Dilloway. Recorded January 2016 at Cejero. Produced by Thomas Buhl-Wiggers and Aaron Dilloway. Piano on Switch 17 by Sylvo. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet. All tracks published by Huron House Music (ASCAP). Artwork details on cover front and label A by Henri Jacobs. Layout by Cejero.


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