Luc Ferrari - Complete Music for Films 3CD 27747
[Sub Rosa]

Luc Ferrari - Complete Music for Films 3CD 27747
3CD digipak and 24 page booklet.

This 3CD set gathers the complete work by Luc Ferrari for films from 1960 to 1984 including electronic pieces, concrete music made in GRM and some hybrid including traditional instruments.

Very rare pieces, most are unpublished (with collaboration with Jean Cocteau ou Jean Tinguely...), this is for the very first time the complete scope of one of the most innovative composer of the XX century.

Including 2 lighting texts by two writers and critics Philippe Langlois (Les Cloches d'Atlantis) and Guillaume Contré, some rare photograms from films and some handwritings notes by Ferrari himself.

01 Egypte ô Egypte - dans ce jardin atroce 1960, 21'24
02 Egypte ô Egypte - formule de l'au-delà 1960, 33'04
03 Loin de l'equilibre 1977, 21'27

04 Dernier matin d'Edgar Allan Poe 1964, 7'14
05 Les yeux de Mathieu 1984, 26'58
06 Cyclotron 1978, 18'44
07 Tinguely 1967, 12'40

08 Chronopolis 1981-82, 73’00


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