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Dave Phillips - Proceed with Inquiry DVD 27704

Dave Phillips - Proceed with Inquiry DVD 27704
dave phillips “proceed with inquiry” dvd. region free pal. playtime ~ 180 minutes. limited edition of 250 copies, includes patch.

this dvd comprises video works, live performances and collaborations by radical swiss sound artist dave phillips, sonically active since 1987, part of the notorious schimpfluch gruppe (with rudolf eber, joke lanz) since 1991, having left his signature in numerous bands, projects and collaborations.

dave phillips uses sound as a means to activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden underneath the debris of civilization. his “humanimalism” indicates a state of being that has overcome the religious, material und supremacist phases of evolution, acknowledges itself as part of a whole and has grown into an empathic, non-hierarchical, conscious and connected creature allowing emotion and instinct their equal part in decision-making.

this collection presents his multifaceted work in ritual protest music, composition, performance, psycho-acoustics and sonic catharses using voice, body, video, field recordings, piano, cello, objects and electronics, shown in a yet unknown complexity and coherence of motion pictures. his performance work is revealed in all its undiluted brutality, the urgency and topicality of his work and his message is clearly evident, captivating and intensely documented.

along with dave phillips’ video works created between 2014 and 2016, the dvd is a document of unique solo live actions and the notorious paris 1996 performance of schimpfluch-gruppe, as well as recent collaborations with g.x. jupitter larsen, and video artists pakise akin, jan van hasselt and remote-control rectum, who in turn created their visual interpretations of phillips' audio works. it all amounts to a mind-expanding experience, playing with altered perception and throwing back the viewer onto his own vision.


video works: video action. scutigera. truth is invented by liars. threnody. rattus. daniel. iv ea pe

performances: schimpfluch-gruppe paris. abolishing religion. 130731. hole/holy. screamscape. extreme rituals

collaborations: as long as (with remote-control rectum). samstags nie (with pakise akin, jan van hasselt). i curse you (with remote-control rectum). ?10 (with g.x. jupitter larsen). untitled #3 (with moju)