Jaap Blonk - Fehlberliner U-Wirr Book+CD 27571
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Jaap Blonk - Fehlberliner U-Wirr Book+CD 27571
Edition of 150 numbered copies. 28 page artist-book with Audio-CD.

When Jaap Blonk first saw the street sign “Fehrbelliner Straße”, he misread it as “Fehlberliner Straße”, and has never been able to read it in the right way again.

That is the origin of the title of his sound piece (something like “Mistaken Berlin Subway Tangle”), that he made for the audio gallery “ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen” in Berlin-Neukölln, where it could be listened to in October of 2016.

Blonk scrambled the station lists of the Berlin subway lines, U1 till U9, with a random process. This created in part pure sound poetry, performed here with a wide range of different vocal sounds.


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