Ludo Mich - Materiliazation of the Intangible 7“ 27434
[Dead Mind]

Ludo Mich - Materiliazation of the Intangible 7“ 27434
Ludo Mich is a notorious fluxus-artist from Antwerp, Belgium known for his holography know-how, surrealistic video work and surprising live-performances. Just in time for his 70th birthday we are exited to release a 7” with 2 recent pieces. First one is a duet with American co-madman Crank Sturgeon. The second is a registration of a live performance with Ludo improvising with a group of vagabonds at the Hysteryland festival.

"As you may have already gathered from this release’s format, Materialization of the Intangible lasts only about ten minutes, but it remains a remarkably sincere glimpse into the personality of an artist who exists solely to create and spread his interpretation of the world, of sound, and of essentially everything that his senses come into contact with."

Limited to 200 copies.