Drop on Down in Florida 1977-1980 Book+2CD 27403
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Drop on Down in Florida 1977-1980 Book+2CD 27403
Edited by Dwight DeVane and Blaine Waide. 'Based on four years of fieldwork throughout the state, the Florida Folklife Program released the two-album, 27-track LP 'Drop on Down in Florida' in 1981. The album was intended to highlight African American music traditions for a statewide public audience, blues and sacred traditions in particular. In recent years, the Folklife Program sought the opportunity to produce an expanded reissue of the album that would include previously unissued fieldwork recordings and photos. Drawing upon extensive fieldwork materials now housed in the State Archives of Florida, the expanded reissue includes nearly 80 previously-unreleased minutes of music on 28 new tracks, plus numerous photos documenting the musicians and communities that perpetuated these traditions.

Notable among the previously unreleased tracks are additional musical selections and personal narratives from one-string musician Moses Williams, four-shape-note Sacred Harp singing from an African American community in the Florida Panhandle, and recordings from the Richard Williams family in the blues and gospel-blues traditions. The reissue also includes new track notes from respected music scholars David Evans and Doris J. Dyen; reflective essays from past and present folklorists with the Florida Folklife Program, including Peggy A. Bulger, Dwight DeVane, Doris J. Dyen, and Blaine Waide; and an extensive essay on African American one-string instrument traditions by David Evans. The 2012 editionof 'Drop on Down in Florida: Field Recordings of African American Traditional Music 1977Ð1980,' highlights the significance of the previously unreleased material. In addition, it calls attention to the importance of the original LP and makes its contents available once again, this time to a larger audience.'

Two CDs packaged in a 224-page hardback book containing original liner notes with new essays, annotations and 60 images (most of which are published for the first time).