Man Pen Rai 12"/Object 23590
[Rekem / Orila]

Man Pen Rai 12\"/Object 23590
Thai & Balinese frog rock field recordings done August 2008-2009 in Ubud (Bali) by Maya Lavda and in Koh Samui, Thailand by Yanni Iasonidis.

7“ record pressed into 12" vinyl. Comes with a sky lantern, altogether packed in a custom-made, silk-screened frog rock tote bag. Edition of 200 copies.

"Mai Pen Rai is an edition of two releases in one, or how three random recordings of a travelogue fit together and after a four year journey are finally released. The first and the third track of the record capture the experience of Maya Lavda in the summer of 2008 during a trip in Bali. The second track comes from orila’s journey in Thailand over the summer of 2009.

"Mai Pen Rai" is dedicated to Jurgen De Vos.“