Embudagonn108 - Dissection of Cronos LP 26677
[A Dear Girl Called Wendy]

Embudagonn108 - Dissection of Cronos LP 26677
Edition of 100 copies. One-sided LP. "Embudagonn 108 is Wataru Kasahara, hermetic artist from Tokyo. The recording covers over 30 years. Started in 1984, continued in 1988, finished in mid 2014. Field recordings smashed with disturbingly electronic sounds, echoes of an old instruments lost in our memories. Kasahara describes his work in these words: 'my simbolism is a decorative trap. you and I are in the absurd game. This music is killed, dissected and discarded music‘. Mastered by Riccardo Mazza in late 2014. White vinyls, printed labels and inner sleeve, one time limited"