Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed - Hulgizey CD 21400

Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed - Hulgizey CD 21400
Blind Ethiopian vocalist Mohammed 'Jimmy' Mohammed, influenced by the legendary vocalist Tlahoun Gessesse (heard on the Ethiopiques CD series), has been a legend in Ethiopia for many years, mostly singing Gessesse's songs. Incredibly this is his first proper full length CD, which The Ex and Han Bennink made possible after hearing Mohammed perform in Europe and Ethiopian; so impressed were they that they made these recordings possible. Han Bennink plays on several tracks, as does Zu bassist Massimo, Ethiopian saxophonist Getatchew Mekuria, alongside Mohammed's frequent collaborator Mesele Asmamaw on krar, a kind of 5-string harp. But above all this release is fueled by Mohammed's clear and powerful voice, making this intricate and ecstatic music so impressive and passionate.