Jerry Hunt - Haramand Plane CD 25087

Jerry Hunt - Haramand Plane CD 25087
Reissue of this recording of works by the late Jerry Hunt (1943-1993), originally released on ¿What Next? and long out of print. “The sounds on this recording, created in 1993, are completely different from the ones that constitute normal or academic electronic music. The three sections of this electronic work constitute the composer's last pieces. He regarded the recorded version of this work as a "document for rehearing." The overall sound is the densest and most intricate in this one of a kind artist's body of work. The three sections consist of "interlocking audio and video optical discs which provide the fundamental image, sound and program control strings ... action code pattern structures ... for a group of transactional mimetic gesture exercises ... inflection calls evoking ... melody streams" with simultaneous tracks of acoustic percussion. The sonic result is an entrancing, overwhelming, evocative shamanic performance of brilliantly designed electronic timbres.” - 'Blue' Gene Tyranny