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Vanessa Rossetto - Whole Stories LP 25944

Vanessa Rossetto - Whole Stories LP 25944
Kye is proud to present 'Whole Stories', the brand new LP by Vanessa Rossetto, and her third for the label following 'Mineral Orange' (2010) and 'Exotic Exit' (2012). Like its predecessors 'Whole Stories' takes as its clay the sounds gathered from commonly found habitual environments, reshaping them into two extraordinary new long form compositions. 'This Is A Recorder' enumerates the colorful events of a drunken birthday weekend lost to Mardi Gras, New Orleans between Feb 8th-13th 2013. Localized field recordings and conversational excerpts are combined with violin/electronics and processed into a detail-rich diaristic plateau that perfectly captures the heady climate of the source. 'Whole Stories' by contrast, examines the dichotomy of luck verses agency, employing as its basic material the roseate whirl of a casino hall as backdrop to a slowly unfolding narrative that reflects on a life ravaged by disappointment and woe. Mastered by Graham Lambkin at Empty Stage Studios, 'Whole Stories' arrives in a full color Matthew Revert-designed sleeve, with complimentary innerbags/labels in an edition of 400.