Mika Vainio & Arne Deforce - Hephaestus CD 25812
[Editions Mego]

Mika Vainio & Arne Deforce - Hephaestus CD 25812
Arne Deforce : Cello & Mika Vainio : Processing, electronics. Recorded in Vooruit, Ghent. 20-22 december 2011.

On this Editions Mego release, Hephaestus couples the rich acoustics of Deforce's cello techniques with the raw expressiveness of Vanio's electronics. The music reflects these ancient symbols whereby each track possesses physical, emotional and psychological states. The journey begins with 'Phlegethon (stream of fire)' - a world of sound building in intensity and ferocity as a means of navigating the listener into this other world. Both Cocytus (river of lamentation) and Acheron (river of woe) explore more introspective (ambient) terrain, harnessing the players ability to conjure discrete congruous textures. From here we are hurtled into the unbridled fury of 'Styx (river of rage)' where the consummation of the individual and eternal agony resides amongst the synergetic logic adopted by the artists and their chosen tools. 'Lethe (river of forgetfulness) or oblivion' incorporates small repeating phrases and minimalist motifs which provide a sense of disorientation and dislocation for the traveller/listener whilst a world of respite is laid bare in the comforting yet brooding closing piece 'Elysium (fields of relief)'.

Hephaestus is a fascinating journey through the netherworld of human extremity presented as a combination of pure acoustic and electronic sources and realised in both physical and psychological manifestations.