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Arnold Dreyblatt - Choice LP 25706

Arnold Dreyblatt - Choice LP 25706
Highly recommended deep stringdrone pieces in the NY School tradition. "Often characterized as the most rock-oriented of American minimalists, Dreyblatt has cultivated a strong underground fan base for his transcendental and ecstatic music. Now, for his latest issue on Choose Records, Berlin's Jörg Hiller aka Konrad Sprenger has made his own "Choice" from Arnold Dreyblatt's own extensive archive of live recordings, ranging from over thirty years of live performances from 1977 to 2007.

This is very much a "collectors' LP", which plays as a carefully curated sonic selection, rather than as a chronological sequence of individual recordings. The collection ranges from seminal recordings by many of the historical ensembles who performed as Dreyblatt's Orchestra of Excited Strings in the States and in Europe, to some of Dreyblatt's most compelling solo projects making for some very surprising listening, especially for those who may already know Dreyblatt's currently available studio recordings.

Meticulously mastered by Rashad Becker with an artful cover design by Hendrik Schwantes, "Choice" is a must for Dreyblatt fans and afficiandos of historical minimalism."