Zeitkratzer - Neue Volksmusik CD 24708

Zeitkratzer - Neue Volksmusik CD 24708
All music by Reinhold Friedl & Maurice de Martin. Performed by zeitkratzer. Recorded live at Internationales Musikfestival Alpentöne, Altdorf, Switzerland, recorded & mixed by Klaus Dobbrick, mastered by Rashad Becker, produced by Reinhold Friedl.

The zeitkratzer project "Neue Volksmusik" (new folk music) is more of a reflex to, rather than a reflection on folk music. This is because the ensemble does not play specific music with any sense of distance. On the contrary, zeitkratzer is taking possession of folk music in its essence. This means that they continue a tradition which folk musics all have in common: constant transformation.

No form of authentic folk music can ever be about conservation as a fixed medium, destined for a museum. Genuine folk music is what it is due to an inherent state of flux, defined by its constantly changing nature. It is in fact an authentic practice for zeitkratzer to claim different musical traditions, taking possession of them and forming them to fit specific ideas.

This project started a few years ago when zeitkratzer presented "Volksmusik", an anarchic ethnomusicological journey through the Danube valley. From heartrending group-yodelling to wild Balkan capers, the ensemble pulled out all the stops! Despite the somewhat brutal humour of the music, there is never an intention to fool around or make a satire on folk music. The origin of "Volksmusik" always remains audible as an essential reference.

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