George Antheil - The Futurist CD 25109

George Antheil - The Futurist CD 25109
"Early in 1920, the young brash composer George Antheil decided to leave his home country, the USA, and conquer the concert halls of Europe as a pianist. Profiting from the post-war situation, many North American artists were touring inflation-plagued Germany, Austria and Hungary. Antheil traveled first to London and then to Germany where he set up headquarters from July 1922 to June 1923: “My July 1922 arrival in Berlin remains one of the greatest impressions of my entire life. Gone were the gay blue, red and green uniformed soldiers. Gone were the boisterous happy, prosperous, tumultuous days –Berlin was in grey slow-motion.”

Featuring the pieces: Fourth Sonata for Pianoforte: Jazz Sonata (Berlin, 1923) Sonatina für Radio (Berlin, 1929) Valses Profanes with an Introduction of Fireworks (1919) Golden Bird, after Brancusi (1919/21) Second Piano Sonata: The Airplane (Berlin, 1922) Swell Music (Berlin, ca. 1928) Third Piano Sonata: Death of Machines (Berlin, 1923) Fifth Piano Sonata (Berlin, 1923) First Sonata: Sonate Sauvage (Berlin, 1923) Little Shimmy (Paris, 1923) For Merle (Paris, 1925) Overture & Tango aus der Oper „Transatlantic“ (1928/30) Suite for piano four-hands (Berlin, 1922, rev. 1939) Serpent mécanique Original for piano roll (1921)

Performed by Guy Livingston: piano / Philippe Keler: piano / Stéphane Leach: piano.