Hartmut Geerken - Live in Kabul 2LP 25631

Hartmut Geerken - Live in Kabul 2LP 25631
Edition of 250 copies. Outstanding archival recordings by Hartmut Geerken. German author, poet, composer, film-maker, and gifted musician who collaborated with John Tchicai, Sun Ra, Embryo, Michael Ranta, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, and many more.

An incredible live session hosted by the Goethe Institut of Kabul on September 22, 1976. More than sixty minutes of convulsive jams - and hypnotic obscure interludes to loop your head to - captured on reel-to-reel tape, edited and mastered for the best vinyl listening experience that will definitely prove you how free Afghanistan once was. The public too has never been this reactive, shouting and clapping and singing to the music of the quartet directed by our beloved Hartmut, who also plays piano using both the keys and the chords.