Wold - Freermasonry 2LP 24690

Wold - Freermasonry 2LP 24690
Fortress Crookedjaw: poetry, discourse, composition, bass, devices, synth, and vocals / Obey: guitar on SOL and Free Eyes / Acrimonia: guitar, additional compositional work, and programming on Annex Axe. "This is all to say that Freermasonry, the obliterative sixth album from Wold, the Saskatchewan act led by the incredibly named Fortress Crookedjaw-- is ultimately enigmatic and entirely unknowable, an intersection of noise, metal, and electronics that doesn't yield to such plainclothes criticism. Mean, dense and multivalent, with a lyrical conceit based on Masonic symbolism and Biblical scripture, it's the rare loud music that begs to be louder still if you're to have any chance of understanding it. Freermasonry: is a case study in controlling the illusion of chaos, an elegantly constructed nightmare of sound where hearing one layer of serrated screams, static bursts, and feedback flares means you've missed some mass of activity somewhere else. (...)" Grayson Currin