Cloama - Municipality of Marionettes LP 25594
[Freak Animal]

Cloama - Municipality of Marionettes LP 25594
"Exceptional and innovative album from Finnish master Cloama! The A-side offers 4 tracks filled with diversity in sound and approach. From noisy drones, guitars, rhythm elements, and aggressive vocals to grim distortions and cold noises. Captured on reel-to-reel recording, providing an organic and live feel to songs. The B-side includes a monumental long piece recorded live in Greece, which in fact has energy and clarity often unheard even in studio works! Female vocals, harshly driving synthesizer force, and genius electronic manipulation. This LP shows the many faces of Cloama, yet is there is absence of harsh noise and traditional PE. This albums stands out as diverse, even in the discography of Cloama! Limited edition"

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