Nikolaus Einhorn - Arbeiten LP 23193

Nikolaus Einhorn - Arbeiten LP 23193
Very recommended 1970's sound/text poetry recordings by too little know german artist. Especially the first side 'Arbeiten - Ein Stück für Alle' (previously released as tape on the S Press label back in 1973) is fabulous and should be played alternately with 'Ja Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne Ne'! Second side presents the previously unreleased Sound-piece 'Cudrefin (Minuit) - Found Music No.1' from 1973. "Nikolaus Einhorn was born in Dresden, Germany in 1940. He studied german and english in Munich and earns his living as a teacher at the Düsseldorf High-school. In 1970 he co-founded the 'S Press Tape Series', a label that was dedicated to acoustical literature (sound poetry), which today is one of the most important means of diffusion of experimental poetry. He has published numerous essays on the avant-garde of the twentieth century and a volume of essays on the literary work of Kurt Schwitters, published by the magazine "Text + Kritik". He has also produced radio programs on such authors as Otto Nebel, Raoul Hausmann, Henri Chopin, and on the poetry of the north american indians." (ubuweb)