Volume #1 Magazine 22644
[Les Presses du Réel]

Volume #1 Magazine 22644
bilingual edition (English / French), 21 x 27 cm (softcover), 112 pages (84 color & b/w ill.). First issue of the contemporary art journal about sound, devoted to the complex relationships between visual and sound forms, both in contemporary art and history. Featuring: analysis ('A Brief History of Sound Art' by Rahma Khazam; 'Sound Art, a Fortified Art' by Bastien Gallet; 'Notes on Steve Reich's Pendulum Music' by Christophe Gallois; 'A Formless Form' by Mathieu Copeland; 'Sound in Artist's Films' by Alexandre Castant, etc.) / 'focus' on Philippe Decrauzat's Leslie, by Matthieu Poirier, monographs (Laurent Montaron, Su-Mei Tse, Georgina Starr, Joachim Schmid) / interviews (Sébastien Faucon, Kerwin Rolland) / artist's interventions (Nicolas Fenouillat, Dominique Petitgand, Jérome Poret, Samon Takahashi), etc.

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