Tart - Radio Orange LP 24320
[Swill Radio]

Tart - Radio Orange LP 24320
"The debut LP from the trio of: Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, and Scott Foust. Tart is an exquisite combination of three distinct minds, much like the skillful structure of diverse, yet subtle, ingredients in a piquant and nostalgic recipe: The Past as well as The Future. Tart blends together these strange elements in an organic yet totally disciplined style that renders many of their contemporaries as either flabby or boring. Radio Orange presents 7 original pieces of expertly edited new music-form. From the opening tape-collage miniatures, 'The Rabbits of Mangtarau' (pts 1 &2), through to the indeterminacy and excitement of the closing title-track, Radio Orange carves its identity through great use of diversified expression. The analog drone/vox duet: 'Astride Such Delicate Pins'; the bizarre environmental action, 'Woman In Her Womb'; the fragile tone composite, 'The Mums'; and the grinding electronic surge of (the almost 20 minute)' Chopin in a Shell' all help complete the program in classic style. The overall sound is both hypnotic and explosive, with each side being carefully sequenced to maximize the fact. The super-modernist avant garde continues to raise its aesthetic head under the romantic banner of the Anti-Naturals. Tart is fabulous."