Artur Zmijewski - Ausgewählte Arbeiten / Selected Works Book 24585

Artur Zmijewski - Ausgewählte Arbeiten / Selected Works Book 24585
"Art consists above all of thought. It is a participation in the common life, a reaction to problems in society, but it is also an exploration." This was how Artur Żmijewski defined his artistic credo in an interview with journalists from the Warsaw newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. And he added that it was important to him "to make exact observations, to describe and to attempt to understand human behaviour and rituals, as in anthropology." This attitude can easily be discerned in his most recent work, which was filmed in four countries - Mexico, Poland, Italy and Germany - and is now partly being premiered in the NBK. Edited by Kathrin Becker/ NBK on the occasion of the exhibition "Artur Żmijewski. Selected works" at Neuen Berliner Kunstverein (NBK) from May 19th to June 24th, 2007, with text by Artur Żmijewski, Alexander Tolnay, Kathrin Becker and Richard Sennett and talks with Sebastian Cichocki resp. Roma Piotrowska and Maks Bochenek (german, english). 240 pages, with colour & b/w photos, dustjacket.