André O. Möller - Blue/Dense CD 24081

André O. Möller - Blue/Dense CD 24081
Erik Drescher, bass flute / Frank Eickhoff, live sampling. "this piece uses 17 tones in whole numbered proportions to a virtual fundamental of G" (25Hz). the piece is a kind of analysis of the overtone region from the fifth to seventh partials and the corresponding regions one and two octaves above (10th to 14th, 20th to 28th partials). the tones are played and recorded during the first three parts and played back as samples at specific times. as many as 28 tones may sound simultaneously. the numbers printed in bold type in the accompanying diagrams show which tones occur in each part of the piece. the flute sounds are amplified, which allows us to hear their sonic peculiarities as if under a magnifying glass. it also increases the perceptibility of the resulting combination frequencies (difference and additive tones). each of the four parts is preceded by one minute of silence. Few composers have the self control seen here to allow the silence that surrounds all we do to be so present, to bring to the forefront that which is covered by all of our daily activities, only present when we let ourselves realize the stillness at the base of all action, all sound.

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