Eliane Radigue - Opus 17 2LP 27062
[Alga Marghen]

Eliane Radigue - Opus 17 2LP 27062
Finished in 1970 'Opus 17' was the last work composed with feedback materials. From that experimental period “Opus 17” preserves the plastic character: a music made of rough sonic phenomena, at once harsh and granular, possessing a quality of materiality and tactility. Its vibrations structure the air surrounding the listener with densities, thicknesses, indeed with palpable movement. Her compositions are frames which let us hear these phenomena, open frameworks from the sonic installations of her Endless Musics (cf. “Feedback Works 1969-70” LP issued on alga marghen) and here reinserted in the five scenes making up “Opus 17”.

“Opus 17” is the great panoramic voyage through material sound, its electronic phenomena detailed as if in a microscope. Could feedback really contain such a universe? “Yes”, the work of Eliane Radigue answers, but that exploration was not that easy: one had to learn to listen. It required Eliane Radigue’s great demands on listening which led her to the discovery of such treasures. Unknown wealth in a material often rejected as trivial.

“Opus 17” was created at the artistic center of Verderonne on May 23, 1970, for the Fête en blanc (i.e. White Festival) organized by the visual artists Antoni Miralda, Joan Rabascall, Dorothée Selz and Jaume Xifra.

Edition of 400 copies in gatefold-cover.