Brandon LaBelle - Room Tone Book 27312
[Errant Bodies]

Brandon LaBelle - Room Tone Book 27312
English edition, 112 pages, 16x21cm, softcover.

“Sound moves between inside and outside. It disturbs what may appear static while also providing moments of deep connection. It flows through the environment as temporal material lending dramatically to the experiences we have of being in particular buildings.”

Audio recordings produced by Brandon LaBelle in his Berlin flat were sent to architects, designers and artists around the world whose task was to make a physical model of the apartment using the sounds as their only source of information. In this way, a process of translation and interpretation developed, incorporating an understanding, however factual or fantastical, of the auditory into rendering a spatial form. Room Tone reports the project's various contributions, and includes an essay by architectural critic Robin Wilson, an interview with the artist by Elena Biserna, and a lecture on shared space by Brandon LaBelle.

Participants: Carlos Campos (Buenos Aires), Lise Laurberg (Copenhagen), Yeoryia Manolopoulou (London), Jonathan Mosley + Sophie Warren (Bristol), Anna-Kristina Netzel (Berlin), Valeria Merlini (Berlin), Margit Leisner (Curitiba), Daniela Oroquieta (Santiago de Chile), Anke Wünschmann + Achim Wollscheid (Frankfurt), Reinhard Brügmann (Berlin), Lewis & Taggart (Bergen), Roberto Arad & Rafael Lino (Curitiba), Martina Schaaf (Potsdam).

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