Riccardo Benassi - Techno Casa Book 26618
[Errant Bodies]

Riccardo Benassi - Techno Casa Book 26618
Essay, sentimental diary, and critical pamphlet, Techno Casa binds together the textual production originally composed for a series of eleven video works presented during 2013 through site-specific installations. Through an all-encompassing stream of consciousness, Riccardo Benassi delivers a critical reflection on the impact of technology in our daily relation to space, and how technological devices have radically altered the structures for living and organizing the real, from architecture to politics and cultural production and consumption.

Techno Casa is the fifthh issue of the new book series Doormats published by Errant Bodies Press. The series aims at contributing to the now, addressing issues that are present and that demand presence.

Riccardo Benassi was born in Italy in 1982, grew up in Cremona, on the banks of the river Po and currently lives and works in Berlin. Operating within a range of international contexts, he uses his role as artist, writer, performer, musician, professor, and designer to produce works aimed at creating new situations. Published works include Letters from the Passenger Seat with No One at the Wheel (Mousse Publishing 2010), Briefly, Ballare (Danilo Montanari 2012), Attimi Fondamentali (Mousse Publishing 2013) and Techno Casa (Errant Bodies 2015).

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