Margriet Hoenderdos - Chamber Works CD 27410

Margriet Hoenderdos - Chamber Works CD 27410
margriet hoenderdos (1952-2010)

de lussen van Faverey (1990)
maart ‘98 (1998)
juli ‘06 (2006, text: Bas Geerts)

Margriet Hoenderdos was born in 1952. She composed her first mature piece, blue time for two pianos, in 1981 while studying with Ton de Leeuw, and her last work, januari '10 for ensemble, in the year of her death. In between she wrote some fifty com- positions, ranging from solo works to orchestral pieces. Within Dutch music life with its preference for grand rhetorical gestures her highly refined work remained a background presence, but a powerful one, attracting a small but dedicated following of colleagues, musicians and listeners.

Two works on this disc are related to poetry. juli '06 is based on the poem warwords by poet, painter and Hoenderdos' life partner, Bas Geerts. The woodwind quintet de lussen van Faverey ('Faverey's loops' or possibly 'Faverey's nooses') is Hoenderdos' response to the work of Hans Faverey, the great Dutch post-war poet, who wrote the title sequence of his final collection Het ontbrokene to be set to music by Hoenderdos. Instead of creating a conventional song cycle, she composed this instrumental work.

sound samples: www.wandelweiser.de/_e-w-records/_ewr-catalogue/ewr1506.html


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