Violent Onsen Geisha & Prick Decay - Dada Junk Spew! CDR 01086
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Violent Onsen Geisha & Prick Decay - Dada Junk Spew! CDR 01086
Bootleg reissue of the ancient collaboration cassette on Chocolate Monk plus collab track 'Silver Afro Funeral March' which appeared on the 'Studies For Postal Orgies' cassette (which came with the first 50 copies of the first Prick Decay LP). Limited edition 100 with pro-printed foldcout cover plus A4 insert with original cassette liner-notes.

"On days when the erratic minature hydraulics that open and shut the door on the back of my head get clogged with chunks of black olives (usually following dinner the previous night at Face On My Egg, a restaurant where food fights are encouraged), forcing me to lie down until the repairman or anyone who's handy with pressurized air cannister arrives, that's when my Prick Decay marathon begins. The Dada Junk Spew cassette, their collaboration with Violent Onsen Geisha is a great way to pass the time. That is, unless you prefer listening to washed-up movie stars sitting in the park arguing over who gets the next hit off the pipe packed with scrapings from the folds of Jennifer Herrema's groin" - Seymour Glass, Bananfish #10

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