Vast Glory - s/t MC 22103
[Lake Shark Harsh Noise]

Vast Glory - s/t MC 22103
Ian McDonald is one of Canada's unsung heroes of harsh sound manipulation, proving his skills through various abrasive projects in Vancouver, BC, including the most recent PE project with Josh Rose (Sick Buildings) titled BLOUSE. Ian's harsh noise detailing backing Josh's confrontative live actions was studied, concentrated, and extremely powerful in it's presentation and sense of monument. Since then, Ian moved to Eastern Canada and had pre-recorded material featured at a live show back in Vancouver under the project title VAST GLORY. There were dynamic live acts all evening, but nothing compared to Ian's pre-recorded material simply played through the PA; it's density and powerful sense of landscape was flooring. I was lucky enough to have Ian agree to do an untitled VAST GLORY c60 for Lake Shark Harsh Noise and my anticipation for the material was well rewarded. Via different massive, moving, and generative cascading lines of textured fuzz, Ian manages to construct a story line not unlike Andrei Tarkovsky's SOLARIS; the concentration of the ocean staring back at the viewer, a creation of story and drama via sweeping areas of distortion. This hour of material is simply a contemporary masterpiece; comparable to epic works such as Sutcliffe Jugend's 'Fall of Nature', Deathpile's 'GR', or even MB's 'SFAG', but via purer techniques of fuzz and distortion to achieve even the same powerful declaration of storytelling through abrasive and layered sound. A stunning work that forces the listener to fully contemplate harsh textural fuzz sound and it's capacity for monumental and dramatic landscapes. C60 white shell pro-tapes with black imprinted text, standard oversized LSHN card covers in plastic ziplock style bags, double-sided insert featuring b/w details of 1800s landscape paintings from Cornelius Kreighoff and Albert Bierstadt, edition of 100.