Vice Wears Black Hose - Part 3 LP 23560

Vice Wears Black Hose - Part 3 LP 23560
Limited Edition 120 copies collaboration of Sam McKinley (The Rita) and Richard Ramirez, inspired by the "GIALLO" film of the same title. VWBH's dives into the HNW (harsh noise walls) pool and completely drowns the listener in its dense, dark and pure sound. The two long tracks fall in a hardcore noise fashion between all out wall noise and tense roaring harsh noise storm that slowly shift through different deep grains of noise textures. After "Part 1" on limited tape by Arizona based noise label Cathartic Process and "Part 2" on limited cd by Violent Noise Atrocities, "Part 3" out now on LP in a deluxe silver silk screen on black cardboard sleeve limited to 120 hand numbered copies w/insert and envelope inside a shred of black stockings. VWBH cover/logo designed by Sam McKinlay.

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