The Rita - Women's Vocals LP 23565

The Rita - Women\'s Vocals LP 23565
For The Rita, the abstraction and minimalism of the female form has played a major role in the fetishized development of his source sounds and eventual harsh sound manipulations. Eye shadow and eyebrow pencil pushed to raccoon-like limits and nylon stockings have been used repeatedly in past recordings to personally investigate via harsh sound the abstracted qualities of the aesthetics. For his latest work utilizing aspects of the female as starting point, The Rita picks apart the woman's voice through the extensive and rough abstraction of the 'singing voice' or 'Women's Vocals' as titled here. Heavily concentrated raw source material is translated from the raw to the manipulated via two 1970s Eurocine films wartime brothel entertainment/singing from two different storylines; one song involving actress Monica Swinn and the other involving Pamela Stanford as the featured/played vocalists. The other two tracks are sourced from specially recorded vocal tracks from female Vancouver based recording artist projects Kellarissa and Mass Marriage. LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve. Edition of 99 copies w/2 insert. Cover by Sam McKinlay

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