Kay Lawrence - Gills Cut into Women LP 22081

Kay Lawrence - Gills Cut into Women LP 22081
Sam McKinley (The Rita) & Cristiano Renzoni (Alo Girl) collaboration. Edition of 99 copies only. "Creature libertinage; voyeur of the women's legs enveloped in dark waters. The hosiery has been cast aside in exchange for a one-piece to enter the watery depths, setting the stage for obsessive creature tendencies targeted toward the shapes of Kay Lawrence, Helen Dobson, and Marcia Barton. Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and Cristiano Renzoni (Alo Girl) further examine the erotic tendencies of women's presented legs via various lines of rough investigative analogue electronic textures and source work. The prehistoric and predatory features of the Creature continuously drive the audio works into overdrive, thus creating a landscape of crumbling harsh sound that echo the savage tendencies of the Gill-man. Lp comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve."