Edwige LP 27464

Edwige LP 27464
Edition of 199 copies, with poster.

The intrinsic fandom tendency toward Eurotrash actress Edwige Fenech has possibly been one of the most encompassing examples of ‘obsession’ translating into layers of pummeling abrasive sound, especially in the building block heyday of the heavier OVMN and Incapacitants inspired style of International contemporary early 2000s harsh noise artists. EDWIGE FENECH – just the name sends the educated into a whirlwind of her cinematic stylizations, objectification, and glorious portrayal and generator of mandates for various Eurotrash genres. The inconceivable layered work with Rosalba Neri in THE SEDUCERS. The cropped model shoot hair and painted skin of WHAT ARE STRANGE DROPS OF BLOOD ON THE BODY OF JENNIFER. The awe inspiring bobbed haircut and mannerisms of GENTLY BEFORE SHE DIES. The sex worker apparel and curly blonde wig from TAXI GIRL. The slicked and pinned back hair and nylon worship of DR. JEKYL LIKES THEM HOT. The crew cut haircut and bare feet glimpses from STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER. The 70s wavy, curly hair and the stockings during the sultry couch scenes from LOVER BOY. The courtesan role intense leg worship and playful mannerisms of GIOVANNONA LONG THIGH. The sun-tanning and fetish exercise programs of VICES IN THE FAMILY acting alongside Susan Scott. The medieval maiden and mistress aesthetic of UBALDA ALL NAKED AND WARM.

The examples and details listed above can be watched and mentally layered to achieve a generative aesthetic that pushes the visceral tendencies of the abrasive sound artist. Not unlike the pornography and the extreme lifestyle fascination of the 1990s Americanoise, the interests continued to be deconstructed and melded into harsh noise as the conscious and studious harsh noise artists of the 2000s continued to study the European cult film and its objectified actresses and fetish driven aspects. The experience is cumulative the more you watch, collect, and study the various genres that Edwige Fenech was featured in and that inspired the cumulative and layered aspects of the harsh noise project Edwige with the original line-up of Keith (MANIA), myself (THE RITA) and Dan Johansson (SEWER ELECTION) and later Nolan Throop (KAKERLAK) filling in for Keith on a 2008 American tour. Between the sets on the 2008 tour from myself, SEWER ELECTION, KAKERLAK and DOG HOLOCAUST (Nolan and Dan – maybe the loudest thing I have ever heard), the 90s rough American style harsh noise worship was palpable. It’s only natural that a tape was generated as exemplary from the tour days of 2008 including later collaborations with the eventual line-up of Dan Johannson, Nolan Throop and myself.

- Sam McKinlay

The record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 199 hand numbered copies w/ black & white poster.


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