The Rita - Raymonda CD 26916
[Elettronica Radicale Ediz]

The Rita - Raymonda CD 26916
CD digipack with 12 page booklet. A conceptual follow up to Ballet feet position, that dwells more in pure harsh noise frontal assault.

“For THE RITA, the classical ballet in the last few years has been an epiphany; a massive amalgamation of obsessive and fetishistic elements not unlike earlier interests and themes that have directly provided the structure for abrasive sound found in his past recordings.

Ballet themed recordings of THE RITA from the past two years have concentrated on the single ballerina, the development of the form translated via direct sources – the mic’d thigh, the pointe shoe, the ballet flat on the hardwood floor.

Slowly, heavily directed and building to a ‘crescendo’, the stage was set for the harsh noise contemplation of the multiple female dancers and the eventual stage productions of the turn of the century classical ballet, most notably the projects choreographed by ballet master Marius Petipa.”