The Rita - Queen Sheets 2LP 26371

The Rita - Queen Sheets 2LP 26371
Edition of 199 copies. Some time ago a colleague emailed me and informed me that an artist made a short video of herself knitting to THE RITA's 'Thousands of Dead Gods.' I watched the short video and thought it was interesting, but then also noticed that the woman had a link included on her 'Instagram' account for her sculptural works. I had a look at her work and was instantly taken by the sheer immensity and power of her structures, all exemplary of long hours of labour and provocative patterns behind the materials. The most notable structure for me was the piece 'Untitled Form (Barrier)' which was made up of timber, bricks, mortar and a semi-dynamic use of the material chiffon to hold bricks in a hanging fashion. The semi-opaque, stretching quality behind the white chiffon with height of almost 8 feet instantly brought to mind the focus of my past recordings that delved into the world of nylon and stocking fetishism, eventually contemplating the semi-opaque salmon pink qualities behind the tights used by classical ballerinas and the expanded practice and tradition therein. Looking at an imposing 8'4 x 8' structure like Megan Miller's 'Untitled Form (Barrier)' and it's materials made me think that any sound made by the structure's movement of bricks against each other piled in a virtual sling of moving chiffon would be perfect for textural, abrasive sound source. After some discussion with Megan, it was decided that a new structure would be built for a collaboration with THE RITA that embraced not themes of fetishism, but expanded utilitarian themes around the use of nylon; the stockings, tights and nylon that women wore to work, what our mother's wore for warmth, comfort, and most importantly the virtual make-up of the fabric, the inherent qualities it featured. Her eventual new outdoor sculpture was entitled 'Queen Sheets' and also made use of brick and mortar, expanding over a flat area with semi-opaque chiffon stretching over the whole of the area, covering it. 'Untitled Form (Barrier)' was also erected again in the same outdoor area, and this time the labor intensive building process of both sculptures was recorded for eventual processing by THE RITA. Sam McKinlay